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IAmICreate: In Whose Eyes?

Since it first opened in 1982, I have been transfixed, somewhat obsessed, by the movie Blade Runner. I remember vividly going alone to the theatre to see it when it debuted, since most of my friends didn't think it cool... Continue Reading →


Jack Not-So-Nimble

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Jack couldn't figure out what to do with the candle stick. And the matches. And the box. And the wall. Jeff Melanson's insightful look at rote computational skills as no longer relevant in an... Continue Reading →

On Their Shoulders: PIDP Colleague Blogs

One of the greatest gifts of involvement in the PIDP program is coming into contact with the minds and personalities of some amazing fellow-educator travelers on the journey of lifelong learning. The sharing of their thoughts and wisdom and lives... Continue Reading →

I WanttoUseitUseit?

So use it. I would be honoured. You have my permission. Just give proper credit and reference to me as author if you do.

The GIFT that Gives Feedback

Here is my PIDP 3260 Feedback Strategy: Group Instructional Feedback Technique (aka GIFT) for Instructor Karen Brooke's class.

Rearview Mirror: Reflections on PIDP Learning

This is the first time this question has come up and it has come at a very good time. I am a very forward-directed person and taking time for rearview mirror reflection is not something I tend to do, as... Continue Reading →

Listen to Learn


Ah, Lifelong Learning. I can't remember when I first became aware of the idea that learning should be (must be?) a lifetime's pursuit. On the surface, the idea seems so patently obvious. But, if it was so easy, wouldn't everyone... Continue Reading →

Heaven’s Credit System: Accreditation and Trinity Western University

Since 2001, Trinity Western University (TWU), located in the Fraser Valley town of Langley, British Columbia, has been embroiled in legal battles starting with the British Columbia College of Teachers and, most recently (June 2016), with the Ontario Court of... Continue Reading →

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